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Can You Rely On A GE Water Softener?



Hi there! As a regular customer of home appliances, we always encounter the name “GE”. In fact, this company has been in the business for so long that most of the products they sell are often seen inside our living rooms and kitchens. But are you aware that they are also selling water softener appliances? In this guide, we are going tackle all the things you need to know about the ever trusted GE water softener system and discover how this industry giant was able to extend their success in the softening business.


The establishment of the company can be traced back in 1889 as Thomas Edison, the legendary inventor has put up an electronic company along with J.P. Morgan and the Vanderbilt’s as his financial backers and they named it the Edison Electric Light Company. 2 years later, a merger was formed with Charles Coffin’s Thomson-Houston Electric Company and this lead to the birth of General Electric (GE) Company.



Through the years, they have been producing a wide range of products for home use like refrigerators, washing machines, housewares, and electronic accessories. Their products have been a hit to many consumers that the company was able to stand through the test of time. It was only until recently that the demand for a home water system became a trend that the company decided to venture into the softening business by manufacturing GE water softener appliances. Though it was thought to be a scary idea at first, GE was able to prove they have what it takes to compete in the field of water softening.



Today, the GE soft water system is considered as one of the popular products under the company’s banner and they are manufactured in different sizes to accommodate the need of single person to a big sized family anywhere in the world. And although these devices usually come second to some of the established names in the softener industry, you can still be assured of getting high quality performance when you go for this product today.


As expected, GE water softener units are designed to combat hard water problems within a specific area. But what sets it apart from the rest of the water softeners in the market today is their SmartWater/Smart Soft technology in which the device can “learn” the water usage pattern of a particular household and adjust its operation accordingly to ensure maximum efficiency. Aside from that, the company claims that their softening products can help you save up to 34% of softening salts compared to other models while cutting your water and energy consumption by 35% less. In addition to this, you can also save up to 50% of detergent every time you do laundry.



Furthermore, here are the other features you can get when using a GE water softener:

Custom Select blending valve allows you to control the amount of hardness to be removed in water.

Sediment filter is included to trap unwanted dirt and sand from entering into your pipes. The same feature is also self-cleaning to save you time for doing maintenance.

The lid is strategically angled so you won’t be having a hard time putting the salt pellets every time you need to refill.

Be sure to check our “Buying Tips For Water The Best Softeners” guide to get more information about the features and specifications of the GE water softener.


  • 95 GPG of maximum hardness removal
  • Can also remove iron deposits up to 7 PPM
  • Programmable controls
  • Built-in memory so you don’t have to set up the water softener again after power outage
  • Maximum efficiency of up to 5100 GPG
  • 200 lbs. salt capacity
  • SmartSoft technology which is exclusive to GE water softener products
  • Days to empty feature which will save you from all the troubles of guessing when to replenish the tank with salt.