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Who we are


With an almost 50-year history, Pentair Inc. is a global water, fluid, thermal management and equipment protection partner with industry leading products, services and solutions that fit our customers’ changing needs.

With our expertise, we find pragmatic answers to pressing issues, with a passion for helping people live better. Together, we deliver inventive solutions our customers need, with the discipline to ensure our global capabilities are utilized effectively.

Pentair’s Water Purification (PWP) business is one of the 5 business units from Pentair and competes on residential, commercial and industrial water filtration, softening and storage markets. PWP manufactures and sells innovative water treatment solutions that improve everyday life thanks to its 3 different product groups: Valves, Tanks & Systems and Filtration.




The thirst for crystal clear, clean and refreshing water knows no borders. Pentair Water Purification has grown in response to international demand by developing sales offices and manufacturing plants worldwide.

This global focus is supported by our parent company Pentair Inc., which currently employs over 30,000 people in 300+ international plants and offices. Anywhere around the world, homeowners and businesspeople can count on satisfying results when they pick a product with the Pentair name.



Today, products manufactured localy become particularly valuable. Indeed, they inspire trust by their belonging to the traditional European knowledge and quality-focused manufacturing. It is also reassuring for customer to know that the product he buys was made in the nearby area and he can easily obtain a local technical support.

That's why, in order to be closer to our European customers, we are developing and/or assembling the large majority of our products in our European production sites of Pisa (IT) and Herentals (BE).

Discover more details about our European manufacturing in our European manufacturing brochure, Everpure

The guidelines describing each Pentair's employee appropriate behavior in his day-to-day business are assembled in Pentair's Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, the cornerstone of our values.